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Google is taking action after action to establish itself as the middleman for this essential inquiry. It has been quite active with its improvements as local firms worldwide have rushed to incorporate e-commerce and delivery options. Google My Business Products, is a type of virtual window shopping experience that can dress up your listings. Perhaps the easiest of all these chances to get began with. This function is quite simple to use. You can find it in eligible GMB dashboards with an output viewable on numerous local search platforms. In this guide, you can follow the instructions to add your most crucial goods and services to Google My Business Products.

Who is permitted to add Google My Business products to their listings, and who is not?

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram followers and likes, ensure you’re fully equipped by logging into your Google My Business dashboard. Navigate to the “products” option in the left menu where you can manage and showcase your offerings. This step is crucial for staying competitive. Utilize tools like the GMB Spy Chrome Extension to explore how your rivals utilize their GMB categories. Enhance your visibility and engagement strategy with Mixx.

What can be listed in Google My Business listings as a product?

The following items are acceptable as products:


Virtual inventory, similar to software


There is a compelling case for classifying your services as products since they are more noticeable and have powerful, related calls to action. As far as we can tell, Google doesn’t seem to mind if you include both products and services, so go ahead and do both.

How To Add Product On Google My Business?

You can add a product to your Google My Business listing. You’ll need to create the product first, and then add it to your listing.

Step 1: Log into your Google My Business dashboard and select the listing you wish to add products to. Then, on the left-hand menu, select the Products tab.

Step 2: This will display a popup asking you to add your products and display the number of individuals who saw your listing in the previous month. Select “get started” from the menu.

Step 3: Start by including a 1200 × 900 image of your first product. Instead of utilizing stock photos, We advise using creative images and graphics. You can also choose to overlay the product’s name in text over the image to create a strong visual statement.

Step 4: Choose a name for your product.

Step 5: is to give the product a category. The option will be empty if this is the first product you’ve ever uploaded to your category. However, as you continue to add items and categories, your previously made categories will show up in a dropdown menu where you can choose to apply them to the subsequent product you add or continue by creating new ones.

Step 6: You can choose to input the price. Use the tiny gray toggle on the right to select a minimum and maximum price range, or just enter a single price. Google will reject any letters or symbols you enter in this field.

Step 7: Include a 1,000-character description of the product. Although doing so is optional, you should take advantage of the chance to highlight the advantages of the product. I also added a customer review and a brief overview of the Moz Pro product.

Step 8: Include a call-to-action button from the list of options, which includes Buy, Order Online, Learn More, and Get Offer. Include the URL of the page on your website that you want your button to take visitors to in the “link for your button” section.

Step 9: Review your entry again to make sure it’s satisfactory, and then click the blue “save” option. Following that, Google will display the item on your dashboard.


Overall, spending some time implementing Google My Business goods will be beneficial for the majority of local firms. The introduction of the Shopping Graph at I/O this past spring and the upcoming free product uploads to Google Shopping in 2020 are two key indications that Google is keenly focusing on the retail sector. Together, we have learned over the many years that when Google focuses on a particular search topic, we should at the very least be considering how their efforts can benefit our local businesses.

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