How to Care for Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves are mandatory equipment for anyone who loves this sport. Whether you are just a beginner looking to gain command over new moves or a pro, which means business, a boxer should treat each glove as their favorite pair.

Proper care for boxing gloves will ensure a longer life span. They remain odourless, ionic, and free from any wear and tear. On the contrary, not looking after them can cause the initiation of bacterial problems inside the gloves, material tearing, and related problems.

Don’t worry! This detailed guide on how to care for your boxing gloves covers everything you need to know about proper upkeep of your sparring equipment.

Why Glove Care is Important?

You may wonder why this article even exists! Gloves are just other objects that can be washed and rinsed to be cleaned. It’s not that easy when a lot of different materials are combined to make gloves. Also, boxers wear these things for extended periods; as a result, gloves take in a lot of sweat.

When your gloves are not in use or properly cleaned, it can cause bacterial growth. Not only does it cause an unpleasant smell, but wearing them in the same old condition may lead to skin irritations and infections as well.

Instant After-Training Care

If you want good results, always look to service your boxing gloves right after you take them off.

Try cleaning them with a dust-free dry piece of cloth. This practice would be ideal for cleaning the exterior part of your boxing gloves. For the inside, you can use an air-blowing machine to blow the air inside your gloves. Also, try opening your gloves and leaving them in an area where there is significant ventilation.

More Recommendations

A very effective way to get rid of bacteria chilling inside your gloves is through dedicated sports sprays. You can simply spray inside your gloves and let them dry for a while.

Additionally, you may use a small amount of baking soda inside your gloves and wait for results overnight. Lastly, for the interior of your gloves, there’s a product in the market called glove deodorizers. These products are great for absorbing moisture and removing unpleasant smells.

For Leather Exterior

Leather exteriors are subject to cracks. It doesn’t matter if it is real leather or artificial. There are leather conditioners available in the market which you can apply on your gloves according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


You should make sure to regularly keep a keen eye on your boxing gloves. This is important as to avoid any anticipated tearings and other problems. Regularly inspecting your gloves and making sure that they are cleaned upon the guidelines provided above can make your boxing gloves last a lot longer than you might have imagined.

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