How To Get MUT Coins Fast & Easy in Madden 25

Do you want to know how to get MUT coins quickly and easily in Madden 25? Like Training Points, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) coins are an important currency in the game that allows you to buy player cards, open MUT packs, and other items. Having enough coins to purchase these items is essential, so knowing how to acquire them quickly and efficiently is critical. So, here are some handy tips you can use to get MUT 25 coins quickly and easily in Madden 25!

Madden 25: Getting MUT Coins Fast and Easy

The fastest and easiest ways to get MUT coins in Madden 25 are as follows:

  1. Play Solo Challenges and Daily Missions and complete Field Pass objectives
  2. Sell Based on Team Item Sets at the Marketplace.
  3. Buy Headliner Cards for fewer coins and sell them at a higher price.
  4. Sell Player Set.

Solo Challenges, Daily Missions, & Field Pass Objectives

If you are starting to play the game, the best methods to earn your 10K to 15K MUT coins will be the Solo Challenges and Daily Missions. They will provide you with initial MUT coins, help you improve your skills, and boost your team ratings. You can even earn coins by completing objectives in Field Pass.

Solo Challenges are designed to test your skills against AI-controlled teams, and they often come with coin rewards upon completion. Focusing on these challenges not only helps you earn coins but also provides valuable experience in understanding game mechanics and improving your gameplay strategy. Daily Missions, on the other hand, are tasks that refresh every day, offering a steady stream of coins and other rewards for accomplishing specific objectives.

Field Pass objectives are seasonal tasks that span over weeks or months. Completing these objectives not only earns you coins but also other valuable rewards like packs and player cards. It’s important to keep an eye on these objectives and prioritize completing them as they often provide substantial rewards.

Team Item Sets on the Marketplace

Once you get your hands on a decent amount of MUT coins, you can use this method to increase your coin amount further. The Base Team Item Sets are at the bottom of the marketplace and have little value. However, if you fill the item set with players with 70-79 OVR and open the offense playbook fantasy pack, you can then sell the item sets at a higher price. For example, the Patriot Offense set can be sold for around 6500 coins, costing about 3000 to fill.

To maximize profit, identify which team item sets are currently in demand. Research the marketplace to determine which sets are selling for higher prices and focus on completing those sets. This strategy requires some initial investment in coins to purchase the necessary players, but the returns can be significant if done correctly.

Headliner Cards for a Profit

Headliner cards are exceptional edition players and can potentially bring in more coins. When buying Headliner cards, it is essential to buy them when their prices are low. Then you can hold onto them until the market rate increases to get back more coins than you initially invested.

Market fluctuations are common in Madden 25, and prices of Headliner cards can vary greatly. Monitor the market trends and purchase these cards during off-peak times when prices are lower. Patience is key here; holding onto these cards until their demand increases can yield substantial profits.

Sell Player Sets

Another excellent method to get Madden 25 MUT coins fast is to sell player sets on the marketplace. There are hot player sets in the market occasionally. For example, at the moment, Kenny Picket sets are in high demand, and you need five players with an 84 OVR. Try to buy that player between 30K to 35K. Once you have filled the set, you can sell it for more than 200K coins.

Selling player sets requires keen market awareness. Identify which player sets are currently popular and invest in acquiring the necessary players to complete these sets. Timing your sales to coincide with peak demand can significantly boost your profits.

Additional Tips for Maximizing MUT Coin Earnings

  • Monitor Market Trends: Regularly check the marketplace to stay updated on the latest trends and price fluctuations. Understanding the market dynamics will help you make informed decisions about when to buy and sell items.
  • Participate in Events: EA Sports often hosts special events and promotions that offer bonus coins and rewards. Participating in these events can provide a substantial boost to your coin balance.
  • Complete Sets Strategically: While it’s tempting to complete every set available, focus on those that offer the highest return on investment. Prioritize sets that are in high demand and require relatively inexpensive players to complete.
  • Utilize Auction House: The auction house is a valuable resource for buying and selling players and items. Learn to navigate and use it effectively to find bargains and sell items at premium prices.
  • Avoid Quick Sell Temptation: While it’s convenient to quick sell items for instant coins, you often get better value by listing them on the auction house. Take the extra time to sell items strategically for maximum profit.


Above are the best ways you can earn MUT coins from Madden 25. However, many players try different methods, and monitoring market changes is essential for maximum gain. Furthermore, it is important to remember that earning coins takes time and patience. There is no magic formula for getting MUT coins quickly. You need to do some work and find out what works best for you.

Earning MUT coins in Madden 25 requires a combination of strategic gameplay, market awareness, and patience. By focusing on Solo Challenges, Daily Missions, and Field Pass objectives, you can build a solid foundation of coins. Leveraging the marketplace through Team Item Sets, Headliner Cards, and Player Sets can significantly boost your coin balance. Keep an eye on market trends, participate in events, and utilize the auction house effectively to maximize your earnings. Remember, persistence and smart decision-making are key to accumulating wealth in Madden 25’s Ultimate Team mode. Happy gaming!

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