What is Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth? 2024

Curious to know about Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth? Then you are on right page. Kayla Mcneill, the founder of Head Kandy, is a mom, a wife, and a former hairdresser. She’s 35 years old, and she was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

She also attended New Dimensions Beauty Academy, which helped her gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful businesswoman. She’s a busy lady, managing both her career and her family life, which includes three children that she homeschools.

Despite all of her responsibilities, Kayla is dedicated to continuously learning and pushing the beauty industry forward. Her hard work and determination have led to the success of her company and have also contributed to her net worth, which is sure to keep growing in the future.

So next time you want to achieve something big, remember Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth, the fifth grader who turned her passion for beauty into a thriving business.

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth Biography/Wiki

Real NameKayla McNeill
NicknameKayla McNeill
Age35 Years
HeightIn feet: 5’6”
WeightIn Kilograms: 78 kg
RelationshipRichard Lafferty
Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth Biography/Wiki

Who is Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy?

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth shines bright in the world of beauty. She stands as the big boss at Head Kandy. People look up to her a lot. She knows exactly what her customers need. And she does it with a big smile and a keen eye.

She started her journey with scissors and combs, making her way from a hairdresser to the top. Now, Kayla juggles being a super wife and a super mom.

Yes, she teaches her three kids at home, too! Every day, Kayla pours her heart into learning more. She wants to make the beauty world better and brighter.

Her days are packed, but her passion for beauty never dims. Kayla is more than just a name. She’s a force, pushing the limits and showing us all how it’s done.

Kayla Mcneill Education

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth knew the value of good education early on. She first tackled business and finance at a renowned university. This foundation was key for her future triumphs.

Her heart was in beauty, pushing her towards her passion. Next, she enrolled at New Dimensions Beauty Academy. Here, she dived deep into hair, makeup, and skin care studies.

Every lesson polished her skills more, sparking her entrepreneurial spirit. This journey equipped her with the tools to shine in the beauty world.

Her studies didn’t just teach her; they inspired her. Now, Kayla uses her knowledge to lead Head Kandy with innovation and care. Her education journey was the first step to building a beauty empire.

Kayla Mcneill Family

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth journey isn’t just hers alone. Behind her stands a family. They cheer her on every step of the way. From a young age, Kayla showed a knack for beauty. Her family noticed, supporting her dreams.

They believed in her, which made all the difference. When it comes to her heart, Richard Lafferty holds the key. They’ve been married for four years now. Their love is strong, filled with respect and teamwork.

Together, they face life hand in hand. Their bond is a testament to true love and support. They inspire each other, aiming for the stars.

Richard and the kids are Kayla’s biggest fans. In them, she finds her strength and motivation. Every day, they build a life filled with love and dreams.

Kayla Mcneill Husband/boyfriend

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth and Richard Lafferty are a true team. They’ve been married for a joyful four years. Their love story is like a fairytale but real.

They show us what teamwork looks like in a marriage. Together, they navigate life’s ups and downs. Their relationship is built on love, respect, and fun. Kayla and Richard are not just husband and wife. They are best friends too. They support each other’s dreams.

They laugh a lot and love even more. Their bond is a lesson in love for everyone. They prove that with support and understanding, anything is possible. Their journey together is filled with adventures and lots of love.


Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth is proud of her American roots. Her story begins in the beautiful state of Colorado. Here, in the heart of the United States, she grew up. Her family has a rich history in this country.

They have lived here for many generations. Kayla feels a deep connection to her American heritage. It’s a big part of who she is. This background inspires her every day.

She brings a unique American touch to her beauty brand. Her work reflects the diverse culture of the USA. Kayla believes in celebrating all backgrounds.

She makes sure her company does the same. Her American spirit shines through in everything she does. Kayla is a true American at heart. She loves her country and its vibrant culture.


Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth loves the color pink more than any other. It reminds her of fun times and happiness. Also, she has a secret talent. She can sing really well, but only her family knows. Once, Kayla entered a baking contest.

She made the yummiest chocolate cake and won first place. She’s not just about beauty; she loves adventures, too. Kayla dreams of skydiving one day, believing it’s the ultimate thrill.

Yes, it’s true. She finds them fascinating and unique. Also, Kayla has a soft spot for animals, especially fluffy rabbits. Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth even has a pet rabbit named Snickers.

Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because she loves spending time with her family and eating delicious food. Lastly, Kayla enjoys star-gazing.

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth finds the night sky magical and inspiring. Isn’t it cool how many fun things there are to learn about her?

Before Fame

Kayla always had big dreams, even as a kid. She knew she wanted to make a mark. With scissors in hand, she began her journey. First, she learned all about hair and beauty.

She stepped into the business world, eyes bright with ideas. Her path wasn’t always easy, but Kayla never gave up. She listened to what people needed.

This made her different, special even. Kayla’s vision for Head Kandy wasn’t just about selling products. It was about creating something people loved. By caring about her customers’ opinions,

She built trust. This trust turned Head Kandy into more than a brand. It became a community. Kayla’s early days show us her determination. Her story teaches us to listen and dream big.

Kayla Mcneill Career

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth started with a simple dream. She turned that dream into Head Kandy. This wasn’t easy, but she was ready. Kayla knew the beauty world needed change. So, she decided to be that change. With Head Kandy, she did things differently.

She listened to what customers wanted. This made her brand stand out a lot. Kayla’s leadership at Head Kandy is special. She always puts her customers first. This makes her company super successful. Her ideas changed how beauty products are sold.

Kayla’s vision was clear from the start. She wanted to make beauty buying better. By valuing customer opinions, she did just that.

Her approach made Head Kandy a beloved brand. Kayla’s journey shows us anything is possible. With hard work and listening, dreams can come true. She’s a real-life example of a visionary leader.

Kayla Mcneill Net Worth

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth is not just any busines woman. She’s a star in the beautiful sky. Because of her awesome ideas, Head Kandy grew big and shiny.

Kayla worked super hard, like really hard. Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth thought of cool things that people love. This made her company very special. And guess what? All this hard work paid off. Kayla’s net worth is a whopping $5 million.

Yep, you read that right. $5 million! That’s a lot of zeros. It’s like if you saved all your allowance for a million weeks. Okay, not really, but it’s still huge! Her journey wasn’t a piece of cake. But Kayla never gave up.

She kept going, with her eyes on the prize. Now, she’s living her dream. And her bank account? It’s as happy as she is. Thanks to her brilliant mind, the beauty world is better. And so is her net worth.

It’s amazing what you can do with great ideas and lots of heart. Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth shows us all how it’s done.

Kayla Mcneill Hobbies

  • Painting: Kayla loves to paint. She uses bright colors to make pictures of flowers and sunsets. It’s like her own colorful world on canvas.
  • Gardening: She has a green thumb. Kayla grows beautiful flowers and yummy veggies in her garden. It’s her happy place.
  • Reading: Books are Kayla’s best friends. She loves reading stories about adventures and magic. It’s like going on a journey without leaving her chair.
  • Cooking: Trying new recipes is fun for Kayla. She loves making delicious meals for her family. It’s her way of showing love.
  • Hiking: The great outdoors calls to Kayla. She enjoys hiking on trails and breathing in the fresh air. It’s like an adventure every time.
  • Yoga: Staying fit is important to Kayla. Yoga helps her stay flexible and calm. It’s like her peaceful time of the day.
  • Scrapbooking: Kayla keeps memories alive through scrapbooking. She sticks photos and writes about fun times. It’s like a treasure chest of memories.
  • Playing Guitar: Music fills Kayla’s home with joy. She plays the guitar and sings. It’s her way of spreading happiness.
  • Biking: Kayla loves to ride her bike around the neighborhood. It’s like feeling the wind in her hair and freedom.
  • Crafting: Making things with her hands is special to Kayla. From jewelry to home decor, crafting is her creative outlet. It’s like magic when something new is made.

Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Favorite Things

  • Pink Hair Straightener: Kayla’s all-time favorite Head Kandy product. It’s not just because pink is her favorite color, but because it makes hair super smooth and shiny.
  • 3-in-1 Curling Wand: She loves how this wand makes it easy to get all kinds of curls – from tight spirals to big waves. It’s like a magic wand for hair!
  • Detangling Brush: Kayla thinks this brush is a lifesaver. It glides through knots without any ouchies, making mornings way less stressful.
  • Kandy Ties: These hair ties are a must-have for Kayla. They don’t pull or break hair, which is super important to keep hair healthy and happy.
  • Argan Oil Hair Serum: She swears by this serum to keep her hair looking shiny and feeling soft. Plus, it smells amazing.
  • Deep Conditioning Mask: Kayla uses this mask once a week to give her hair a big hug. It helps keep her hair strong and prevents split ends.
  • Hair Perfume: With a few spritzes, Kayla’s hair smells like flowers all day. It’s like walking through a garden every time she moves.
  • Kandy Bag: Perfect for storing all her Head Kandy favorites. It’s cute and super handy for travel.
  • Volumizing Powder: A little sprinkle of this, and Kayla’s hair gets an instant lift. It’s like magic dust for flat hair days.
  • Heat Protectant Spray: Before using any heat tools, Kayla sprays this on to keep her hair safe. It’s like a shield against the heat.

Fun Facts about Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth

  • Morning Bird: Kayla loves waking up super early, even before the sun! She says it’s the best time to think of new ideas.
  • Dance Parties: When she’s not working, Kayla has dance parties in her living room with her kids. They all have their special dance moves!
  • Coffee Lover: She can’t start her day without a big cup of coffee. Kayla says it’s like a warm hug in the morning.
  • Favorite Movie: “The Wizard of Oz” is her top movie pick. She loves the adventure and the magic.
  • DIY Queen: Kayla loves making her beauty products at home. She mixes up things like face masks and scrubs.
  • Animal Whisperer: Besides her pet rabbit, Kayla has a knack for making friends with any animal she meets. She’s like a modern-day Snow White.
  • Secret Writer: She writes short stories in her spare time. Only her closest friends get to read them.
  • Ice Cream Fanatic: Her favorite treat is mint chocolate chip ice cream. She could eat it every day!
  • Beach Lover: Kayla’s dream vacation is always somewhere with a beach. She loves the sound of the waves.
  • Sketch Artist: She’s pretty good at drawing and often sketches designs for new Head Kandy products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth?

Kayla is 35 years old, which means she’s been around for a while, learning all about beauty and business!

Where was Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth?

She was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a pretty place with lots of mountains!

What does Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth do?

Kayla is the boss of Head Kandy. She started the company and makes sure it does awesome things for people’s hair.

Did Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth go to school for beauty?

Yes, she went to New Dimensions Beauty Academy, where she learned all about hair, makeup, and skincare.

Is Kayla married?

Yep! She’s married to Richard Lafferty, and they make a great team together.

Does Kayla have kids?

She sure does! She has three kids, and she even teaches them at home.

What’s Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth favorite color?

Pink is her favorite! She loves it so much, even her hair straightener is pink.

Does Kayla have any pets?

She has a fluffy rabbit named Snickers. She loves animals a lot!

What’s one of Kayla’s hobbies?

She enjoys painting. It’s like she creates her colorful world on canvas.

What’s a fun fact about Kayla?

Kayla can sing really well, but she mostly sings just for her family. It’s her secret talent!


She’s a busy lady, managing both her career and her family life, which includes three children that she homeschools.

She also attended New Dimensions Beauty Academy, which helped her gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful businesswoman.

Yes, it’s true. She finds them fascinating and unique. Also, Kayla has a soft spot for animals, especially fluffy rabbits. Kayla Mcneill Head Kandy Net Worth even has a pet rabbit named Snickers.

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