How to Get Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire: A Step-by-Step Guide

Garena Free Fire offers a variety of customization options to enhance your gaming experience, and one of the most coveted among these is the Evo Gun Skins. These skins not only change the appearance of your weapons but also offer unique animations, effects, and stat boosts that can give you an edge in battles. Acquiring Evo Gun Skins can seem challenging, but with the right strategies, you can add these impressive items to your collection. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire. For upcoming guns visit

1. Understanding Evo Gun Skins

What Are Evo Gun Skins?

Evo Gun Skins are premium weapon skins in Free Fire that evolve as you level them up. Each level upgrade enhances the skin’s appearance and provides additional perks such as special kill effects, exclusive emotes, and improved weapon stats.

Benefits of Evo Gun Skins

  • Enhanced Visuals: Unique and dynamic designs that evolve.
  • Special Effects: Exclusive kill effects and animations.
  • Stat Boosts: Improved weapon stats like increased damage, rate of fire, or accuracy.
  • Exclusive Emotes: Special emotes that come with the skin.

2. Methods to Obtain Evo Gun Skins

1. Faded Wheel Events

What Are Faded Wheel Events?

Faded Wheel Events are limited-time events in Free Fire where players can spin a wheel to win exclusive rewards, including Evo Gun Skins.

How to Participate

  • Check Events: Keep an eye on the events tab for Faded Wheel Events.
  • Purchase Spins: Use diamonds to purchase spins. Each spin gives you a chance to win the Evo Gun Skin or other rewards.
  • Remove Unwanted Items: You can remove two items from the wheel to increase your chances of getting the desired skin.

2. Lucky Royale

What Is Lucky Royale?

Lucky Royale is another event-based feature in Free Fire that offers a variety of rare items through spins, including Evo Gun Skins.

How to Use Lucky Royale

  • Access Lucky Royale: Go to the Luck Royale section from the main menu.
  • Choose Your Spin: Select the weapon royale or event that features the Evo Gun Skin.
  • Spin the Wheel: Use diamonds or Luck Royale vouchers to spin the wheel for a chance to win the skin.

3. In-Game Events and Collaborations

Special In-Game Events

Garena frequently collaborates with other brands and hosts special in-game events where players can earn or purchase Evo Gun Skins. Join ff advance by visiting 

Participating in Events

  • Stay Updated: Follow Free Fire’s official social media channels to stay updated on upcoming events and collaborations.
  • Complete Event Missions: Participate in these events and complete missions or tasks to earn tokens or currency that can be exchanged for Evo Gun Skins.

4. Elite Pass and Season Rewards

Elite Pass

The Elite Pass is a seasonal subscription that offers exclusive rewards, including Evo Gun Skins, for completing specific missions and reaching certain levels.

How to Get Rewards

  • Purchase Elite Pass: Buy the Elite Pass using diamonds.
  • Complete Missions: Finish daily and weekly missions to earn badges.
  • Unlock Rewards: Use the badges to unlock rewards, including Evo Gun Skins, as you progress through the pass.

3. Tips for Acquiring Evo Gun Skins

Save Your Diamonds

  • Plan Your Spending: Save diamonds for Faded Wheel Events and Lucky Royale spins.
  • Daily Rewards: Collect daily rewards and participate in events to earn free diamonds.

Participate in Events Regularly

  • Frequent Check-Ins: Regularly check the events tab for new opportunities to get Evo Gun Skins.
  • Engage Actively: Actively participate in all available events to maximize your chances of obtaining rare skins.

Use Google Opinion Rewards

  • Earn Google Play Credits: Complete surveys on Google Opinion Rewards to earn credits.
  • Buy Diamonds: Use the credits to purchase diamonds in Free Fire.
  • Spin for Skins: Use the diamonds to spin in Faded Wheel Events or Lucky Royale.


Obtaining Evo Gun Skins in Free Fire requires strategic planning, participation in events, and efficient use of in-game resources. By staying updated on events, saving your diamonds, and actively engaging in the game’s special events, you can enhance your collection with these unique and powerful skins. Follow this guide, and soon you’ll be flaunting your evolved weapons on the battlefield. 

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