Ruggable Review: Transform Your Space with Washable Rugs

Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful rug that would not get ruined by the inevitable stains that come with life? Enter Ruggable is a new company that is revolutionizing the market with washable rugs. But are Ruggable Rugs all that people say they are? In this ruggable review, we’ll delve deep into their story, explore what makes them unique, and answer the burning question: are Ruggable Rugs worth the price? 

How Ruggable Started? 

Ruggable is the creation of Jenevieve Bellato, a mother of two who wanted pretty but easy-to-clean rugs. Sick to professional cleaning and purchasing new stained rugs, Jenevieve dreamt of an innovative product: washable rugs! 2014 saw the birth of Ruggable, a perfect solution for any home with style and comfort in mind. 

What Makes Ruggable Stand Out? 

Here are several things that make ruggable rugs stand out: 

  • Machine Washable Convenience 

The star of the show is undoubtedly the washable feature. Unlike traditional rugs, Ruggable rugs boast a two-part system – a rug cover with a stain-resistant, low-profile design and a separate rug pad that provides grip and comfort. The beauty lies in the detachable cover. Simply toss it in your washing machine (be sure to check the size limitations) for a quick refresh, keeping your space looking spotless. 

  • Diverse Style Options 

Ruggable doesn’t compromise on style for practicality. They offer a vast collection of designs to suit any décor, from modern and geometric to traditional and vintage. With a wide range of colors & patterns, you’re sure to find a rug that complements your unique style. 

  • Easy Maintenance 

Ruggable rugs are a dream for pet owners and parents of messy little ones. Small spills and accidents become a breeze to clean. Even for deep cleaning, the washable cover eliminates the need for expensive professional services. Regular vacuuming of the cover and spot cleaning with a damp cloth keep your rug looking its best. 

  • Customizable Comfort 

Ruggable offers two types of rug pads – the standard rug pad for a low-profile feel and the cushioned rug pad for added comfort. This allows you to personalize the feel of your rug depending on the area. 

  • Interchangeable Covers 

This is a bonus feature that adds to Ruggable’s versatility. Not only are the covers washable, but you can also purchase additional covers in different styles. This allows you to easily switch up the look of your space without having to buy a whole new rug. 

  • Sustainable Choice 

Ruggable rugs can be more sustainable than disposable rugs or heavily cleaned traditional rugs. The washable covers extend the life of the rug, reducing waste. 

What is the Ruggable Return Policy? 

Ruggable realizes that selecting a rug is not easy. To this end, they offer a 30-day unconditional promise to ensure that you have sufficient opportunity to decide how the floor covering will look and feel in your home. If you are unsatisfied with the rug for any reason, you can return it for a full refund, which will reduce the shipping cost. This transparency and customer-centric approach allow you to test a Ruggable with no risk. 

Overall, Ruggable’s return policy is reasonable and clear. This way, you can try the rug for 30 days and determine whether it suits your house’s interior design. 


Ruggable rugs are a modern invention that can change the lives of those who have large families or simply do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the floor covering. The ease of washing the rug cover, the availability of many designs, and the ability to choose the desired level of comfort when ordering make Ruggable an attractive offer. Although they do not feel as soft as other types of rugs, the ability to clean them easily and the range of designs available are constantly increasing, making them a good buy. 

Therefore, are Ruggable rugs valuable? Ruggable is a great choice if you’re looking for a functional and easy-to-clean rug without compromising on design. Indeed, ruggable reviews prove that they have unique and creative designs and are really concerned with their customers; Ruggable is changing the face of home interiors. 

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